News from the last couple years

11 09 2013

Hello, everyone. I know I’ve been away for the last couple years. I honestly thought I would be done writing on this blog for good when I made my last substantive post, but I guess I can’t stay away.

It’s nice, though. Like settling back into an old, comfortable armchair. Hopefully it’ll be like I never went away, and I can get right back into the groove of things here.

Since the last time I posted, I have been busy working on real life, for the most part. I ended up not playing Mists seriously for quite some time (I really wasn’t impressed with the features added / lore / actually pretty much everything, plus I was on the final semester before I graduated college – no time!), but eventually started getting back into it. I completed one heroic mode in the first raid tier before 5.2 hit, but really was playing casually/not even a regular raider at the time. Before ToT hit, my old guild on Gul’dan died out, and I ended up moving over to Pixelated full-time with my girlfriend. I was still playing casually (just LFR’s), which was good for me at the time since I was in the process of moving across the country after graduating. I managed to get a job here in western New York, and eventually – almost unconsciously – moved into the position of a backup for the regular 10-man raid. While this didn’t mean I raided a lot, it did allow me to move back into a regular raiding ┬áspot a couple weeks before 5.4 hit. All of a sudden I found myself in a role I hadn’t been in in literally years – that of a regular raider.

I literally cannot begin to express how wonderful it is to be back in a role where I can experience content and contribute to guild progression without the added responsibility of being an officer or GM. While I was told after I gave up guild lead of my last guild that I had done a good job, it was a huge stressor for me. ┬áThe way this group’s set up, I can still contribute my thoughts on boss fights (it’s relatively easy to observe as a ranged DPS) but I don’t have to deal with the petty drama that you hear about as an officer, or the recruiting, or the day to day guild management. All I have to do is make sure I know my class inside and out, and that…that, I can do.

Plus, it gives me more time to talk to all of you wonderful people.

We downed the first boss in Siege of Orgrimmar tonight. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that feeling of downing a really challenging boss and knowing I did everything I could to make that happen. I had forgotten just how good it feels.

Anywho, that just about wraps up my life over the last few years. More actual real content to come, of course, but for now that’s all I have. Cheers, all. It’s good to be back.

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5 responses

12 09 2013


We could be neighbors!

12 09 2013

:O No way, really? Where are you at?

13 09 2013


13 09 2013

NO WAY. I live and work in Amherst.

13 09 2013

lol that’s awesome xD

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