12 09 2011

I go away for almost a year, and my next post is regarding STOPPING playing the game. Heh, go figure.

There’s too much sometimes. It’s not just the money thing, although that’s certainly part of it – there are so many jerks in randoms, so much frustration in the raids I lead, and I just got too fed up with it. It’s just time to be done.

I’m playing a lot more StarCraft II these days, though. I’m still only Silver League, but come September 27th I’ll have a lot more time on my hands to make a push up to Gold or higher. Should be fun.

So I guess the question is really how much did I accomplish in WoW? Looking back, I’ve finished most raid content every expansion since BC, helped out what seems like every NPC in the game, written a blog for a couple of years about the game, and earned a ridiculous amount of achievement points. For $15 a month, it wasn’t a bad deal – I guess eventually I could only take so much.

I might reopen this blog to talk about how I’m doing in StarCraft. We’ll see. Either way, it’s been a fun ride.

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2 responses

12 09 2011

another mage blogger hangs up his staff. sad. : (
thank you for all you did while you were around!

15 08 2012

World Of Warcraft is a seriously awesome great pass time for my whole family….

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