Kara strats: PRINCE

29 07 2008

Part one of a three-part series on some of the hardest Kara bosses; the one difficult Kara boss whom I will not be doing a feature on is Shade, as most people know the strategy for him. =)

This post was delayed because I had to find the pictures to upload to my Photobucket. =)

For the purposes of this post, I’m gonna assume you’ve already cleared through Shade/Illhoof/Chess, so the only remaining trash is Prince and Netherspite trash. (Nightbane does not control any trash.)

You should have little trouble getting through to Prince–just kill through the trash. Not a big deal. Don’t do what I did, though:

Dont follow my example

Don't follow my example

(Netherspite’s images will be smaller, hopefully…).

The ethereal trash, as you’re probably aware, should be pulled ONE AT A TIME. Otherwise I, being a squishy mage, will have to pay more repair bills. =P

I’ll assume you cleared trash up to Prince okay. Make sure you’re careful with the trash between Chess and Prince, they hit hard!

Okay, now for the important part–how to down Prince.

If, as you walk into the room where you fight him, you move down the right wall, there’ll eventually be a dark spot on the wall. You’ll want your tanks to tank him right about there, maybe a little closer to the door. It’ll be within healing and ranged DPS’s max range but keep the healers and DPS outside of Shadow Nova, while also providing easy access to a “safe” nook for melee DPS to hide in case they get Enfeebled.

Now, there are some dangers with this positioning. If an Infernal hits where the melee DPS is standing, said melee DPS will need to get out FAST in case they get enfeebled, get back where the ranged DPS and healers are. And then…well, they can throw shoes at Prince or something. Infernals hitting where Prince is being tanked will make things hard for heals especially during phase 2 as well.

As for where ranged DPS and heals need to be: there’s one place on the map that will prevent them from taking any damage at all. Even if an infernal drops right next to them, they won’t get hurt. It’s practically foolproof.

See the tree? Stand where he is.

Yes, that is ON TOP of the pillar. If you have trouble getting up, stand next to the pillar, jump, then press the movement key that will move you to the pillar. I prefer standing in front of the pillar and using S to back up onto it.

You should be positioned here before the fight starts.

Since infernals deal ground-level damage only, you won’t have to worry about them, and Prince won’t be able to Shadow Nova you either since you’re at max range or near-max range.

Once you’ve got this set up, it’s pretty much a tank and spank, albeit a long one. Make sure you’ve got mana stuff up. I’m not gonna go into detail on mana conservation for other classes, but mages: MAKE SURE your Evocate is up and you have a Mana Emerald conjured, along with some super mana pots. Use them early and often. Try to keep your mana % in line with Prince’s health %–not a huge deal for us, since we can Evocate, but that’s a good way of thinking about it.

DPSers: Make sure your threat’s low enough when Prince hits phase 3 that you can just go all out, cause those axes hurt. You’ll want to pop your trinkets when he gets to phase TWO though, since the tank’s gonna be getting stomped during phase 2. Get through that as fast as you can. Mages, once you get late in phase two, wipe your threat if you still have Invisibility up, cause it’s tough to DPS effectively when you’re near the threat cap. Same goes for other classes that can do so (hunters->Feign Death and so forth). You just need to make sure you have a good cushion so phase 3 goes by quickly too.

Grats all!

Grats all!

And….grats! You’ve downed Prince! 3 badges for everyone! WTP!

Next up: Netherspite…and reclearing trash…

Lastly: What do you think of my UI? =D I may have made a couple *minor* changes since these screenies but it’s pretty close to this right now.

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4 responses

1 08 2008

Thanks for the strat.
1st Prince kill tonight.

Everyone thought I was insane when I told them to jump on the tall pillar (ok me too, I admit it).. it wasn’t easy… but hey, got up there.

No drops for me, just for the pugs.. but that’s another story…

2 08 2008

Grats on the kill! Glad the strat worked for you. =)

11 10 2008
GoogledGnome #19: door trick « Armaggedon’s coming

[…] Velinath taught me everything I know, so check out his Prince strategy. […]

11 10 2008

As a side note, I would recommend trying conventional strategies of infernal-watching without the pillar. Although the pillar is a good way to take down Prince, it makes things almost *too* easy! =D It’s always refreshing to have to run around the room trying to find a spot to DPS with Infernals all around you!

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